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The most expensive pieces of jewelry in the world_blog
The most expensive pieces of jewelry in the world
9th May 2017,11:47 AM

"Happy Girls Are The Prettiest Girls" - Audrey Hepburn Jewelry is universally known to be the best thing to make any girl happy and pretty. A girl in happiness and beauty with the possession of some fine jewelry will also...

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What should I search for in a jewelry before buying_blog - purchasing tips

What should you search for in a jewelry before you decide to buy it ?

10th April 2017,6:12 PM

Buying a jewelry like earrings for women or necklace for women seems to be an easy process, but it is not so. There are many people who buy jewelry in many different ways as they do not have much idea...

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Chaitra sale 2017, Zene fashion on every jewlry and accessories

Chaitra, the festive month in India with loads of exciting offers & sale…..

26th March 2017,9:22 PM

Chaitra is the month of the Hindu calendar. According to Hindu or India's National Civil calendar, it is the first month of the year. According to Bengali, it is the last month in their calendar, where they call it Chaitro....

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